Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Vick

...should hang out with Jamie Foxx. I still haven't watched that episode of The View where she comments on Vick, but she is now denying defending him. Cus down in the souf dog fighting is popular. I did read about it in one of those Mildred D. Taylor books (Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry/ Let the Circle be Unbroken/ The Gold Cadillac) when I was little, so I don't doubt it...Betting 12million on a dog makes better sense than giving a dog 12 million to me.

Newho: watch the episode here and make your own decision. Better yet, go read a Mildred D. Taylor book. Get your mind right.

Related News: Apparently Sherri Shepherd is joining The View. I really though they'd let B. Smith get a shot, but oh well.


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