This is hilarious, especially since its in Spanish, but it's deserving of a post because this is at the start of UPN really trying to come into its own. Malcolm Jamal Warner found something to work after The Cosby Show that actually featured his face (although we all love Magic School Bus). It was an entertaining show, and many more were introduced to the quackhead that is Eddie Griffin. I had the pleasure of seeing him at a Jimmy Kimmel taping earlier this year and will assure you that he is still a quackhead. At least someone put him in his place about the N word. Amen, Jesus saves.


The Queen


  1. Speaking of the "quackhead" Eddie Griffith, I just read on Essence.com yesterday that he gave an awful performance at some Black Enterprise(BE) event - he was throwing the "n" word all around and they turned his microphone off, and also all the other microphones around him. I applaud BE and think we all should continue to let the media and the world know that we will not let the "n" word continue to be used, even if it ends with an a and is being used by our people.


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