Born Jamericans- T-bone steak, egg cheese, and Welch’s grape

Next week marks 18 years since the death of Notorious B.I.G. There are things I expect. Hot 97 and Power 105 will play every song they can get their hands on. Diddy will understandably make a comment somewhere. Some channel (BET) will likely show the movie.

What I was not expecting was an email announcing that there would be a dinner in his honor, at All'onda of all places, a Japanese-Venetian restaurant (okay it's Italian) based in New York.

From my Urban Daddy email:

UD - Notorious B.I.G., the Dinner
Notorious B.I.G., the Dinner
Dale Talde, of Talde, and Chris Jaeckle, of All’onda, are fans of the Notorious B.I.G. Yet they can’t rap. So they pay tribute to Biggie the only way they know how—by doing oxtail patties, tomato soup and cheesecake based on his lyrics. There’s also bound to be something juicy.
Mar 9, 5:30-10pm, $85, All’onda, 22 E 13th St (between University and 5th), 212-231-2236tickets here

Of course I had to see the menu, which I copied below. To spell it out, I'm a Brooklyn born child of Jamaicans, a born Jamerican. Obviously, the menu was going to hit home. Most of the menu consists of great inspired dishes based off Biggie lyrics.  And then I had to pause: curry oxtail patties. What in the world? Where they do that at?  So first off, unless someone heard that Christoper Wallace actually said Golden Krust (and that's with a K, not a C) patties were his favorite, that's a lie. No Jamaican with access to good food actively co-signs Golden Krust.  I don't care how many websites actually state to stop at Golden Krust on your Biggie historical tour walk. Golden Krust is a great and honorable business plan, but just okay food. To put it in perspective, Golden Krust is decent survival food when you need your Jamaican fix. To say it's a favorite would be like an Italian saying their favorite pizza is Sbarro's or a Mexican declaring love for Taco Bell. You will eat it and welcome it, but you will not declare it as the best.

Secondly,  in all my years raised in a Jamaican neighborhood with a Jamaican family,  I have never heard of anyone currying oxtail. Never. Not in Flatbush, not in Brixton, and not on trips to Jamaica.  Some may use a little curry in the seasoning, but oxtail is not served as a curry, it's more of a stew. And with that said, no one is using their "good good" expensive oxtail meat for patties. Except for Ms. Lily's, which uses really nice shredded beef, you're usually chewing some heavily seasoned minced meat.  

All in all, this seems like a fun night out. If you have $85 dollars to spend on a Biggie themed dinner go for it. If you want to spend $20 on a great patty, some jerk chicken, a roti, and piece of cake, let me know. We can make it happen, in Brooklyn. Authentically. 
Alternatively, just peep the video on this great Biggie exhibit last year. 

Music curated by J.PERIOD

“V8 juice drinkin, Slimfast blendin’”
spiced tomato soup
Chris Jaeckle

“Country house, tennis courts, and horseback ridin’, decidin’”
cracked crab or lobster - black pepper jerk crab, lobster toast
Dale Talde

“Escargot my car go 160 swiftly, wreck it buy a new one, 
your crew run run your crew run run”
butter poached escargot, salsa verde, parsley root puree
Chris Jaeckle

FACT: Being of Jamaican descent, Biggie liked his patties spicy from Golden Crust
curried oxtail patties, pickled scotch bonnet and ginger relish
Dale Talde

“T-bone steak, egg cheese, and Welch’s grape”
steak a la fiorentina - zabaglione, red wine grape veal jus
Chris Jaeckle

FACT: Biggie’s regular hang out was Junior’s,
where he is reported to have consumed strawberry cheesecake and coke
G.O.A.T. milk cheesecake, strawberry jam, cola caramel
Dale Talde

Cocktails inspired by Biggie Smalls lyrics 

*$85 per person not including beverage, tax and tip.


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