Call Me Lazy, But Don't Call It a Comeback

That last post was decidedly strange. It eluded to mystery and nothing came afterward. It was supposed to be the start of my 30 posts in 30 days challenge. This was a mission I knew would fail because I attempted to start it in the midst of vacationing at my family reunion. Coming right off a hellish July-celebrating my birthday in the midst of a craaazy work situation (they locked out the union workers, and I in turn lived in the office)- all I wanted to do in actuality was sleep. The terms of my work life over the past 2 years have forced me to realize that whatever my experience had been as a student-writing and media were my true loves and the place where my passion resides.
While I was a grad student and subsequently unemployed, I spent a decent amount of free time writing and updating this blog. Then, I had the idea that I needed to understand how businesses work and started at my current company full time. For the last three years, I have learned a lot, but never quite left writing alone. I updated intermittently and have pursued my love in various other ways. I continue to direct/produce productions within my community. I have explored writing at work. I partake in acting workshops. I discovered disposable income and all its trappings and temptations (Hello Anthropologie and spin classes!). I have pitched stories and been denied. I've also been granted opportunities to write. I play around with video making and editing. I write really long emails to my friends that might as well be blog posts. Sometimes, I write for myself.

Following will be a series of posts that show some of what I have been up to in the time I haven't been updating the blog. For this holiday season, the gift I'm giving myself includes more time honing the craft and communicating.

Thanks to the 6+ people who have continuously asked and pestered me about updating over the past two years. It's been a long time, but don't call it a comeback. I've been here.

 ---Kimberly (Originally published on 10/28/12 at


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