My Minor Insignificant (but great) Boston Dislike

The first time* I followed journalist Toure on twitter, I read a discussion between him and several of his followers on what sports teams they loved. In this discussion Toure made a claim to the effect that having to like a team based on location was silly. To each their own. I have nothing but love for my hometown teams in the following order: Knicks, Mets, Giants, Yankees, Jets.* The only teams that I've come to greatly dislike are simply because I'm from NY.

I greatly dislike Boston sports teams. This is not the first time I've stated this fact. My first article for a college newspaper was my new-found disdain for the Boston Red Sox (fall 2003-you know what was up),which was essentially brought about by crazy Boston fans yelling anti NY epithets everyday of my first semester. Not being above any of it, I took their behavior and went overboard declaring war against the Red Sox, Pats, and even the Celtics. My behavior made no sense. In essence I was upset that the Red Sox declared war on the Yankees, so I retaliated in like and have since focused on staging a one woman war.

I am Giancarlo Esposito in this scene:

(Yes, I'm aware that I use this scene to explain everything. It resonates greatly with me.)

So as NBA Playoffs come once again and the Celtics make their baseball starts warming up and my heart hopes for the Mets... I'm taking this time out to say: Boston Sports teams, I dislike you mainly because of Red Sox Fans, but I completely respect your players. However, its time to fall back.

And don't step on my Jordans!

*Based on Toure's tweets I believe that several of his followers un-follow and re-follow on a regular basis. I first followed back in May/June of 2009. I unfollowed, but I've been back for a little while. There's good stuff in there

*Obiviously, I'm only sticking to major professional leagues. I was tempted to throw the Brooklyn Dodgers up there. I own a hat. I grew up near Ebbets Field. However, they never existed when I was alive. I'm also not the biggest sports fan, so I actually don't hate the Yankees despite liking the Mets. The same goes for the Giants and the Jets. When the Brooklyn Nets arrive they will be last.


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