Old School Friday: For the Love of Money

Today's Old School Friday gets down to business: Money. The love of money may be the root of all evil, but it sure does get it going. Not having had any for the past year, I often dream about the green tender and what can be done with it.

When I saw the topic, I knew the song I wanted to use, but I never knew the name. I've heard the song but once on vintage Soul Train episode, but when it came on, the sisters and I instantly rang each other to discuss it. It was 70's-esque women singing about the brilliance of being independent, having a degree, and money in the bank. I'd have hopes of it being in the Soul Train movie, but some fool decided to base it in the 80s.

So long story short, I'm showing my age and picking the first non- O'Jays song that pops in my head when I think of money. Ushering in the oft criticized, but oh so fun shiny suit era:

And an early lesson on how to spend. I love how he was going to live on a $1000 a month.

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  1. That Cosby clips one of my favorite TV scenes of All Time. Truly a classic. I went with folks from Puffy's crew as as well for one of my picks: Biggie and Kim and "All ABout the Benjamins."

  2. LOL!!!

    AWESOME Combination of Choices!!!

    happy osf!!!

  3. @PPR_Scribe.... I love when Cliff breaks it down.

    @ CCGroovy!!!
    Thanks.. in retrospect, the juxtapositions of diddy and the huxtables is kinda funny

  4. I almost posted Mo Money but instead opted for All About The Benjamins! But both are classic!


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