It Still Rocks to Be A Girl

Apparently this is my most visited page. I have no idea why, but with good reason I figured I'd update you all with more American Girl news. As seen below in my last Old School Friday post, I really like being a girl.

Honest disclaimer: I still have not watched the American Girl movie. But I do respect the all around movement to expand upon the gender norms imposed within our culture by including girls of different races and cultures. Maybe we'll get around to allowing different perceptions of girlhood, but that will be problematic. I know I for one am not promoting Ciara's "Love, Sex, and Magic" steez even though it is an annoyingly catchy song.

American Girl is adding one more to their collection with a Lower East Side Jewish girl. I really wish they got A.O.Scott to write this article since he reviewed the last movie and I would have loved to see a journalistic continuation of the discussion. But the sad dying writer inside of me understands how a newsroom works. Salkin delves into the discussion and yes, the Jewish American girl has brown hair.

I'm still waiting for my revolutionary black afro flaunting girl of the 70s in the American Girl collection along with a blond hippie friend. I know that is the most contrived image, but I always though they belonged in the series.

But on another note, this girl is coming back to blogging slowly but surely. It's going to happen.
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