Old School Friday: Threats-Jason Weaver

This man is too talented for his own good.

Maybe not as much, but a good deal. Throw him a bone!

Actor/Actress Gone Singer/Singer Gone Actor/Actress

Rappers are way to skilled at this, so they have been excluded.

This week's Old School Friday is right up my alley. If you can't tell by my usual choices, I'm slightly obsessed with television and always think its great when there is a little musical feature. I discussed my obsession with Musical Guest Stars here (and provided handy You Tube references...so go check it out).

Most of us are familiar with a lot of the biggies. Tisha Campbell has had her fair share of opportunities to blow. Countess Vaughn outshined (okay, maybe not) Brandy on Moesha. Kyle and Max's love on Living Single was symbolized by his music career. And The Cosby Show/A Different World was really a big showcase, and little Raven got to start there. Heck, even Tatiana Ali got an opportunity to tell all of us to stop playing with her mind when Alfonso Ribiero wasn't dancing and singing all over the place.

Since we're keeping it Old School (ish)...I'm going to go against my original through to highlight the stars of Family Matters and dedicate this post to Jason Weaver, who was not a half bad teen actor. But maybe there's a reason his singing career never took off.

Singing with Brandy on Thea

Singing voice for Simba, since JTT didn't really hold a note

Little Michael Jackson

Smart Guy

He's gone on to do more movies, notably Drumline and ATL and played convincing roles in both. Here's to hoping for the best for him and that his career won't be remember like this.

As far as I know, this was the extent of his music career. But, he's only one call away...

An honorable mention goes to Joey Lawrence, because no one gives him any love at all anymore.

As for singers who can act ( a much harder transition to do well, unless your a rapper), besides for Marques Houston and Disney Channel kids(yes I am young) that's a little harder. But a few mentions (of which you are more than welcome to disagree) will include Whitney Houston, Ne-Yo (that new video is really good), Mandy Moore and Barbara Streisand. All of Patti LaBelle's roles don't seem to be acting per se.

I obviously have way too much time on my hands. Check out other OSF participants here: http://www.themarvalusview.com/osf/

EDIT: Ach, I must also shout out Sheryl Lee Ralph and Loretta Devine, the orignal Dream Girls. Forget Jason Weaver..this blog should have been about them. Ms. Ralph has gone away to second rate cable channels, but Loretta Devine still gets a song in or two on Eli Stone.


  1. I see you really loved this theme. I forgot about that guy, he had a hit with Chingy and I have been waiting for his album since. He had one of the best voices, it's hard to come by such a true falsetto. I wonder what he's doing now. I forgot about him in Lion King. You did your homework great choice!!!

  2. I see you posted the video with Chingy, too, Just One Call, with Rudy in the video. I can't believe you gave Joey Lawrence some love. He was a cute kid on Give Me A Break. I had to make two post, took me a while to get through all the videos.

  3. Jason Weaver was Simba's singing voice? I didn't know, but now I do. Wow.

    Joey Lawrence - Whoa! lol

    Happy OSF

  4. Yea, I did get really excited about this theme...any reason to talk about a fallen 90s tv actor makes me all warm inside. Lol.

    As for Simba's voice, I serioulsy doubt Johnathan Taylor Thomas can hold a note. I am curious as to why Jason Weaver couldn't do the whole thing.

  5. You win the prize for pulling Joey Lawrence, not even close to being on my mind, lol.

  6. You really took it and ran with it! I did do Tisha. :)
    And I had no idea about Simba's singing voice either, that was one on me. :)

  7. You're good! You've brought some talent that has been flying under the radar to us in a very creative, yet thoughtful way. I have got to stop by more often. Keep on keeping on, Great Post!

  8. I didn't realize that Jason Weaver was Simba...I absolutely loved The Lion King and don't know how I missed that one!

    Whoa! On the Joey Lawrence...

    Um, you do know that that 1st pic is Jamie Foxx though, right?

  9. Thanks!

    As for everyone surprised by Joey Lawrence, I really think Blossom was a revolutionary show...but that's besides the point.

    Lol...yea, I know its Jamie Foxx at the top. The words next to the pic link to his new video with TI and Taraji P. Henson. It was supposed to be a quick comparison between really successful actor/singer ,Foxx, and Weaver...but my formatting got thrown off. Sigh. Shame.

  10. Wow, Kim you really did some research! I was laughing at your comments like "throw him a bone".

    Loretta Devine is great and she isn't featured enough singing on Eli Stone - that show started off with some great musical "dream" sequences and they've dropped those down - too bad because both Loretta and Victor Garber were great in those parts!

    Thanks so much for all the work you did on this one, I really enjoyed the music and your thoughts!

  11. I love this week's post - it took me back. I LOVED THEA, and One Call Away was the jam, never heard this version with more of Jason Weaver singing - I have go search for it>

  12. Wow!! You went all out with this one!
    I had that Jason Weaver cassette back in the day, It wasn't bad at all! And I alway's loved Joey Lawrence!
    Great picks!

  13. Whoa! We gotta give props to Joey. He said it way b4 Black Rob did! lol

    Jason Weaver is mad talented , yo. I think his time is coming. He finally looks like a grownup so I think him and Jackie Long are about to get there shine on.

    (We used to be in loooove with Jason in High school many, many many years ago, lol) He's still a cutie, yo! }{



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