Coloring in the Fashion World

This cover for Life Magazine was taken in 1969. It's almost forty years later, and while some people may feel like the fifty states and white house make up for the forty acres and a mule, obviously some of the same conversations are occurring and the changes may seem cyclical to those that have come off of the election high. Ebony proclaimed earlier this year that "Black is Back" but this is also the same publication that cautioned me when I was younger, pointing out that black representation in government post-Civil War and even through Redemption was at an all time high before falling again in the 20th century. History doesn't have to repeat itself if the nation remains vigilant and aware. There seems to be better work at that nowadays.

Fashion isn't the purview of this blog. Neither is it my area of expertise, but I have written about it from time to time. (This is part of my blog focus complex. Click here for references) This does not mean that I do not follow the fashion world and like to note what is going on. As I traveled the internet world this evening while enjoying Teen Jeopardy and ignoring the never ending job search I was pleasantly surprised to note that some things are changing in the fashion world besides for Ciara wearing ankle purses.

Magazines and ad campaigns are getting colored! You can check WWD and for industry written reports as well as the more entertaining and accessible pieces written by two of my favorite fashion websites, Fashionista and Make Fetch Happen. Check here and here here.

Bisous (HAUL)


  1. More things change the more they stay the same.

  2. So am I supposed to be excited when I see a sistah on the cover of something other than Essence or Ebony? I'm saddenned that we're still having this wonder the butler at the White House is so ecstatic, let's hope he lives to see his dream fulfilled


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