Old School Fridays: Road Trip Songs

This one is a little tough for me. Growing up, road trips consisted of two tapes played over and over again: one was by the Grace Thrillers and the other was by the Grammy Award winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. Trust me, "The Midnight Cry" is not exactly what you want to hear as a kid on 3 hour car trips in the rain and in the dark boonies. You will be convinced the world is ending that night.

Thankfully, I also went on school trips where we sang songs loudly in the back of the bus. Killing Me Softly and Fugee-la-la were faves, as was any reggae/calypso/soca song of the moment.

Yea...we were special...There's a joy singing songs that call for dancing, in situations where you can't dance.

Then I went to high school and met the wonder that was Billy Joel's Piano Man. But nothing beat listening to my team belting this song on the bus after tournaments.

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  1. I like the Buju pick, have a good weekend.

  2. Buju gives me road rage, can't play him on a road trip or I'm liable to force a car off the road...

    You are right, playing songs to dance to when you can't dance is the essence of a road trip.

    Yes, when my mom was at the wheel it was the Clark Sisters or any type of gospel...

  3. Oh, college roadtrip! (or church fieldtrip) :-)

  4. LOL! Great picks! I posted "We Are The Champions" for a previous OSF, it is classic!
    Huuummm, I love Buju but every time I hear him I get Hennessy flash backs and want to pimp slap somebody! I don't know why but he gets me so hype!!!

  5. Queen makes me want to go and get in the car and go somewhere right now, just to listen to them!

    Buju...I'd be too busy trying to get my dance on...might have an accident...tee hee hee!

    Great choices!


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