OH EMM GEE: The Negroes arent All Rioting...and even more...

...they have different opinions.
Hey world. bet you didnt expect to hear from me twice today.

Yes I'm still angry about Sean Bell verdict, but we shall see what hppens in the other avenues..at least a little disciplinary action. Making me angrier is news coverage of the reaction to the verdict. Stories released after the verdict yesterday all made it appear that the only response to a situation like this was a riot. Various accounts reported the surprise that there was no riot...or "no riot as of yet." What a conundrum? To think, people do not treat every case as if it was Rodney King all over again. Surprise Surprise.

Now, the New York Times is reporting that there is a plethora of views amongst the black community in the wake of the situation. Really? Who wouldathunk it? Spread the news black people are not all a monolith. They have different views on different situations.

At least they got one thing down right with this editorial.


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