I'm Still Here: The Miller Boys

So I know, I say I'm going to bring the freshness for Black History Month, and what do I go and do...get a job. I did have exciting posts planned. I was going to revisist last year's historic superbowl featuring black coaches and forever immortalized by Kanye and Common in their song South Side on Superbowl Sunday. I was also going to look at past black runners for the Democratic Nomination on Super Tuesday (Shirley Chisolm, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Carol Mosley Braun and any others I may have inadvertently left out of this list). The plans were great, but the month is only half past, so do look out.

Shameless. I've been a bit ghost, kind of like The Miller Boys, but I wanted to share some of their latest work with you.

All truth, Master P and Romeo are of an era past, but these videos reaching out to the past are worth taking a little watch. You can fast forward Romeo's part, but the cartoon version would make a good showing for some second graders. Okie dokes, thats it for now.

Cartoon Version "Black History"

Official Video


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