Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Okay, so his birthday was actually a few days ago, but this is the day set aside by the United States government to honor his birthday. Unfortunately ther eis no day set aside for his recognition out here in the UK and this is a break from a twenty page paper that I need to finish, but I thought I'd leave you all with a dedication to this great man with a few of my favorite clips that celebrate the man. (and to think all of this from you're home computer without going to the Dream Concert)

I had great plans for this post, but that dream must now be deferred. Instead I'll leave you with some of my favorite Martin Luther King tributes and a clip to the famous "I Have a Dream" Speech. It's been a rough two days for me..sorry.

Stevie Wonder song that helped kick off the movement to get the holiday.
Cosby Show episode where the family gathers at the end to watch the speech
Different World episode where Terell learns the foolishness of violence and re-enacts a meeting between Martin and Malcolm.
The quote juxtaposition between a Martin quote and a Malcolm X quote in Do the Right Thing and when his picture is finally on the wall.
McDonalds Commercial with the candles and the song. "If we could light a candle..."
The irreverent Boondocks episode.

Oh yea, and my undergraduate thesis which examined the I have a dream speech as a hundred year fast forward of blacks still capitalizing on the memory of Abraham Lincoln.

Quote of the I Have A Dream speech that stuck out for me this time: "We cannot be satisfied as long as the negro in Mississippi cannot vote and the Negro in New York believes he has nothing for which to vote."

Slightly disturbing: The first YouTube link for Martin Luther King is for Ron Paul.

Web addresses for more Dr. King speeches: http://www.writespirit.net/inspirational_talks/political/martin_luther_king_talks/


  1. Thank you for the tribute to Dr. King. Thanks for highlighting one of his other speeches. I am so overwhelmed today because of all that is happening in the United States. It does show that in 2009, some 40 years after the assassination of Dr. King on the eve of the election of Barack Obama the nations first AFRICAN American President, "OUR GOD IS MARCHING ON."

  2. Thanks Shirley! You posted on last years posting tho...


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