Actually Alicia, We've Seen You Like This Before

Alicia Keys's new video, "Like You'll Never See Me Again" is conceptually interesting adds to the Alicia Keys/Common pairing that's become popular lately, and the song tells a nice little story...but I must say Alicia, we've seen this before. I'm not sure if its the same director, but a lot of the themes in this video are very similar to the ones in the "If I Ain't Got You" video, from the standing on the street near to the pay phone shots to the idea of separation, to the inclusion of a rapper (then Method Man, now Common). There's also the same fight scene, and then distraught Alicia afterwards. "If I Ain't Got You," I guess was her younger, more hood look at losing love and "Like You'll Never See Me Again" is what you get as she slowly edges towards the R&B/Soul/ (cue scary music...dunh dunh dunh)ADULT Contemporary lines. Anyway, If I Aint Got You is below...and I cant embed the other video, so you'll have to catch it on your own (edit found it...see below):


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