Hanging with my man he's oh so...Yo Coop you're on!

So maybe Mark Curry hasn't had the best career post Mr. Cooper, but this is really for Ervin as played by Omar Gooding. I've had an S.O.S. sitting in my drafts for Omar and his brother Cuba for weeks. I'm too torn up to discuss right now, so I'll just give Cooper his due. Mark Curry is funny. Plus this show also had great actresses of the nineties Dawnn Lewis (aka Jaleesa from A Different World) was on a season, Holly Robinson Peete was a leading cast member and Raven Symone had a spot too.

Also please don't hate on the video. God bless whoever sat and videotaped their screen so we can all sit and watch Hanging with Mr. Cooper


  1. The other sister31 August 2007 at 14:53

    am u can watch reallive episodes on aol's in2tv. enjoy!x I do :)


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