Vanity Fair's Twenty Cover Issue

Vanity Fair magazine has created headlines again. No, this is not another exclusive Jennifer Aniston break up issue (which was great if you did not catch it two summers ago). This time vanity is dark and edited by one of our favorite fair on the outside, but dark on the inside celebrities -'cus he's Irish and England oppressed them too- BONO!

In an unprecedented twenty cover issue, Vanity Fair's July 2007 issue focuses on Africa with cover photography done by Annie Leibovitz. The covers feature twenty one people and read like people holding a conversation on Africa. Included on the covers are George Bush, Condolezza Rice, Oprah, Don Cheadle, Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali, H.M. Queen Raina of Jordan, Bishop Desmond Tutu, and a host of other people. Our favorite second and third richest people in the world are included : Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet. Also included are our favorite adoptive parent celebrities: Brad Pitt and Madonna. Also, a special shout out to Brooklyn-Jay-Z and Chris Rock also hold it down. Who said nothing good could come out of their neighborhoods?

The issue shows a lot of promise, and we all know the Economist would not garner this much attention with an issue on any pressing world topic, its great that such a popular magazine has committed itself to seriously focusing on the topic. Sure the articles are certain to be behind twenty pages of Donald Pliner, BCBG and St. John advertisements, but whose to say you can't be conscience and fashionable at the same time? Most likely, there are some downfalls to the issue and sadly I have not bought my five dollar issue yet to comment on those, but kudos to Vanity Fair for taking this on as well as the hot cover idea. To check out more of it go to Somewhere beyond the Simpsons headline for today there is more information about the website.

Henry Louis Gates is somewhere upset that his ancestry work did not get him on the cover. I hear that there was a quota for only one 50% European person and Obama got the call.

(the last two sentences were not verified and Skip is a very nice man)

HAUL(holla at u later),


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